When the sun kisses the rain

Especially for sun-seekers,

It was the first rainy afternoon of Huế’s wet season. Heavy and fast. When the rain died down in the sunset, it left behind the mist afloat on the Hương River and the clouds lost on the mountains upstream. My heart was filled with a mixture of joy and sorrow beholding the marriage between the sun and the rain. It’s so glorious yet so fragile…

  • Eki

    It’s sublimely beatiful, Lan.

  • Alain

    My favourite place in VietNam, Hue and Huong River…
    My eyes are wet now with lot of tears
    Miss so much …

  • Jacquelinh

    I LOVE Vietnam!

    it’s my first time 2 see those beautiful and stunning pics of Viet nam !