Photo Essay: Bịp Bịp Fruit Beeps for Childhood Memory

Especially for Bụi, For many Huế people, bịp bịp fruit (pronounced “beep beep”) is a simple and nostalgic gift from the old days when we ate more locally-grown and wild fruits and vegetables. Although it shares the same family with rambutan (known to the Vietnamese as chôm chôm), bịp bịp fruit’s flesh is yellow instead […]

A Cham Soul Hidden in Vietnamese Look

In Lương Hậu Village (Hương Thủy Town, Thừa Thiên Huế Province), there are some remains of Champa Kingdom existing side by side with Vietnamese people’s cultural/historic sites. It’s about 13 km to the South-East of Huế City’s center. Last Wednesday, my mentor Phan and I visited some of the Cham relics there. We stopped by […]

The Servant of Hương River

For decades, many artifacts collected from the Hương River have been under Phan’s loving care. His house is overwhelmed with the artifacts and so is his big and shady garden which turns into an open antique exhibition. Some are piled up to the ceiling, some crammed in the dark and narrow attic or even in Phan’s own bedroom. They can be found anywhere that spares space for them – indoor or outdoor.