A Saturday Morning with My Mentor Phan

Almost every weekend, I meet up with my mentor Phan at his home for some talks and then we go on field trips together. I feel like at home when sitting at their living room jammed with old potteries and other artifacts. While he enriches my history knowledge with his here-and-there stories and sometimes serious discussions, his wife’s great sense of humor delights me a lot. I’m lucky they consider me a special member of their family.

When I arrived at their house this early morning, my mentor Phan was boiling water for tea.
Having some hot tea is his favorite morning ritual.
Reading some news before…
…Having breakfast prepared by his considerate wife
Getting ready for a field trip
For mentor Phan and me, riding a motorbike is the best way of going on a field trip.
Reading the Chinese characters on Bà Yang Temple at Liễu Cốc Cham complex
Clearing the Cham towers to have a better view of them.
Measuring one of the two towers at Liễu Cốc
Taking note is necessary for any of our field trips.