Cầu Hai Lagoon and Around

Cầu Hai Lagoon is one of my favorite getaways in Huế. The pictures below can explain why.

Cầu Hai Lagoon overlooked from Thánh Duyên Pagoda on Mount Túy Vân
A sampan sunbathing on Cầu Hai Lagoon
Bến Gành Market starts at 2 every morning and ends at around 5 or 6am.
Fish caught from Cầu Hai Lagoon are sold and bought at Bến Gành Market by the lagoon
A grandma and her little girl
At either sunrise or sunset, Cầu Hai Lagoon is a picturesque painting.
A spider and her breath-taking view
Điều Ngự Tower at Thánh Duyên Pagoda
Hàm Rồng Beach is very popular among the locals.
Pristine Lộc Bình Beach