Lăng Cô: Sunrise on Lập An Lagoon

It was the most magnificent sunrise I ever witnessed. I was all alone but I didn’t feel a bit of loneliness as I was so engrossed in the nature and those living things I saw on Lập An Lagoon that morning.

Magnificent landscape of Lập An Lagoon at the breaking dawn
The landscape was so quiet even when there were living creatures moving on the lagoon
Whatever reflecting on the lagoon was a beauty.
A fisherman with his tools leaving the lagoon after the early catch
A fish “transporting” woman shouldering her gánh
That range of mountains serve as a great backdrop for the lagoon.
A fisherman maintaining his boat after unloading the fish
Basket boats were lined up for drying up.
Fish was unloaded and sold on the stretch of sand in the middle of the lagoon
Rewards from Mother Nature for all of their hard work