Huế: Suối Voi (Elephant Spring)

Can’t stand the boiling hot weather in Huế City this summer but get bored with ocean scenes? Suối Voi (Elephant Spring) is definitely a better-than-imagined choice you’ve ever made. It’s where you’re tempted to plunge yourself into the cold water to shake off the heat and relaxing in the giggling sounds of the spring running down the huge water-worn rocks. This summer getaway is also surrounded by dense jungles with a stunning setting, which allows you to escape into the wild and brings you back in time.

Suối Voi is located in Lộc Tiến Commune, Phú Lộc District, about 60km away from Huế City’s center to the South. You can rent a motorbike to drive there in early morning and come back before sunset.