The Gangsters of Hương River

The Gangsters of Hương River

Especially for The Gangsters of Hương River,

When the hot summer comes and the school year starts to end, the Gangsters of Hương River are back to the water. They are around 10 years old and they live not very far from the river. I nicknamed them the “Gangsters of Hương River” because whenever they appear, this part of Hương River turns into a chaotic battle, but a joyful one. Laughters are echoed from every corners of this part of the river.

The Gangsters of Hương River don’t just swim in the river as I do but create as many twists and turns as possible to entertain themselves. They jump off into the water from the riverbank, they chase each other in the water, or even make floatable objects such as banana trunks or discarded fridge into a boat to row around in the river. They name their toy “Parents Escaping Boat”. They remind me of Tom Sawyer and his adventures.

Although they can swim, they often bring with them a lifebuoy recycled from empty plastic cans in case they need it.

Below are some photos of the Gangsters of Hương River I took yesterday afternoon (May 27, 2017) when they had an adventurous cruise on the Hương River in their “Parents Escaping Boat”. The water was quite yellow and a little bit cold yesterday because of heavy rain upstream lately.

Leaving their belongs behind, the Gangsters of Hương River was about to row into the river.
It was not easy to keep the “Parents Escaping Boat” balanced.
The gang coordinated to get the boat work.
There they went.
They had to stop from time to time to fix their “boat”.
One of the gangsters struck a pose for me!
There they went again!
I climbed my favorite yellow cheesewood tree on the riverbank to shoot this picture.
I told you, keeping balanced is not easy at all!
“It’s ok! We’re already very close to the wharf, comrades!”
The Gangsters of Hương River hid their “Parents Escaping Boat” before leaving the river.