Visiting the Lagoons of Tam Giang and Cầu Hai Lagoons with Ari

Especially for Ari,

I showed Ari around Tam Giang – Cầu Hai, the largest lagoon system in South East Asia. We had a great time riding more than 60 km on the first day to reach Cầu Hai Lagoon, visiting the three-hundred-year old Thánh Duyên Pagoda on Mount Túy Vân, swimming in the blue sea, having dinner in a house-boat floating on the lagoon and admiring the gorgeous sunset. A nice boat couple, Ngọc and his wife Nở, received us with their best hospitality and sincerity.

On the second day, we visited the other part of the lagoon system – Tam Giang Lagoon. Crossing the lagoon on a rustic boat was exciting and scary at the same time. We hit a quiet beach with a couple of boats sunbathing on it. Finding the shade under an averted boat, which we imagined our special house, was a very nice and strange experience. A table filled with mouth-watering sea food (steamed octopus, squid stir-fried with pineapple, tomato and spring onion, fish soup with fermented bamboo shoot, and mixed salad) was set up on the beach for only two of us by a local family. I felt special as there were no restaurant there and we were the only diners on the beach. We enjoyed the fantastic meal and the beautiful sunset.

The first day…

Ari taking note at Tiến Sảng Pavilion, Thánh Duyên Pagoda
Cầu Hai Lagoon overlooked from Tiến Sảng Pavilion
Ari chilling out at a boat wharf by Cầu Hai Lagoon
Transporting fishing equipment on Cầu Hai Lagoon
Ari having dinner on the boat (We actually ate the left-over food of the boat couple, which turned out very very good.)
Ngọc and his wife Nở enjoying the sunset
Ari viewing the Cầu Hai Lagoon in awe
“Life is but a dream”

The second day…


Crossing the Tam Giang Lagoon
A boat sunbathing on one of the beaches along Tam Giang Lagoon
Ari taking a nap under the averted boat