How To Make Sugar-coated Pomelo Peel

Sugar-coated pomelo peel

Markets in Huế are flooded with pomelos now as these fruits are in their season. I love eating this juicy fruit and love its fragrant peel as well. I use its peel to make hair treatment and even snack.

I’ve recently made sugar-coated pomelo peel using Auntie Tuyết’s recipe. This is a great snack to pair with hot tea and it’s also a lovely cough remedy. If you’d like to make it yourself, here is how:
– Peel a pomelo fruit and slice the peel into thin stripes.
– Put the stripes in a plastic bag or box and leave them in the freezer for a day or more. This helps to make them crispy.
– Boil them in boiling water with salt for about 3-5 minutes to remove their bitterness.
– Drain them and wash them in cold water once or twice.
– Squeeze them to remove the water but do not make them too dry.
– Put them in a wok then add sugar in. Using about 200gram of sugar for one fruit’s peel will do. If you like, you could add in some honey.
– Stir them well and let them sit for about 15-30 minutes so the stripes can be well marinated.
– Put the wok on the stove and simmer the mixture on low heat.
– Stir them well until they get dried after about 30 minutes.
– Put the sugar-coated pomelo peel stripes in a jar to store after they cool down.

Pomelo fruits are harvested and gathered on the ground.
Peel a pomelo fruit in any way you like
You can peel it this way or others as long as it’s easy and fun for you.
Slice the peel into stripes.
Put the peel in the freezer for about a day.
Mix the boiled peel with sugar.
Simmer the sugar-marinated peel on low heat.
The pomelo peel stripes get dried after about 30 minutes.
Let them cool down before storing them in a jar.