Huế Imperial City After Sunset

I never knew Huế Imperial City after sunset until it has recently been opened to guests until late at night since April 2017. Light is on at every main palaces, temples, long corridors and lanes in the Imperial City but the rest is dominated with darkness. It gives me a feeling of mystery and a little fright. Without the performances in front of Thái Hòa Palace, on the foundation of Cần Chánh Palace, at Thái Bình Palace, or at Duyệt Thị Đường theatre, etc., the Imperial City could be a too terrifying and quiet place to visit after dark.

Ngọ Môn looked from afar
Ngọ Môn – the main entrance to Huế Imperial City
Ngọ Môn
Ngọ Môn & Thái Dịch Lake
Ngọ Môn & Trung Đạo Bridge
A pair of holy dogs in front of Thái Hòa Palace
Thái Hòa – the main palace in Huế Imperial City
Most of visitors to Huế Imperial City stopped at these lanterns for a photo.
The back of Thái Hòa Palace
Thái Hòa Palace looked from the Purple City
Even moon looks more mysterious inside the Purple City.
The roof of Triệu Miếu – the temple worshiping the parents of Lord Nguyễn Hoàng
A fire performance on the foundation of Cần Chánh Palace
“The Eight Immortals” showed at Duyệt Thị Đường theatre
Hiển Nhơn Gate
Hiển Nhơn Gate