Unwanted Huế Specialties

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eating mưa Huế?

IT’s the only specialties from Huế that the locals themselves dislike. IT’s cold, lengthy and seasonal. Although no one wants IT, IT still exists as if it’s an essential.

To be fair, people think about IT when they are in the boiling hot summer of Central Việt Nam. The memories of IT imaginably cools down the heat they are suffering, and they miss IT somehow. They wish they could taste each of ITs cold and fresh drop.

And then the dry and hot season is over. August passes and so do September and October. November comes and Huế people know IT reappears as usual. They can breathe IT in the air, see IT everywhere in this small city, and taste IT on their own lips, too.

They expect IT but when IT is really here, they begin to complain, especially when they have too much of IT. The more they have it, the colder and more depressed they feel. Someone who is filled with IT will turn irritating and lazy. He will hesitate to go out as they know IT’s in every corner of the city. He will try to avoid IT – the unwanted Huế specialties called mưa Huế.

Many local people will shake their head without hesitation if you ask: “Would you like some mưa Huế?” For me, I’d love some. Mưa Huế always arouses my appetite.

If you visit Huế when mưa Huế is around, there are two ways to cope with it. You can run away from Huế on the afternoon bus and head South for warmer weather, or stay and go on a food tour. In case you choose the latter, make sure you start with bánh mì Trường Tiền.

Mưa Huế on a bud should be tasty and fragrant.