Rainy Huế

Raining on Huế Citadel

I haven’t seen the sun for a month, which is really depressing. It’s heaven-turned-into-hell when it rains in Huế. I know my Huế is a beautiful and gentle woman but when she’s in anguish she becomes bitter and cold. She does not care about anyone anymore, even the ones that she loves and the ones who love her. Her continually-dropping tears makes the cold in Huế unbearable. People start to complain and feel down but still she just ignores them all.

And she keeps crying day after day, night through night. Her sorrow seems to be drained a little bit yet there is still. At first, her tears are lovely raindrops beating gently on leaves and grasses, and making them shining. Then, her tears discourage people to go outdoor and flowers to bloom. And now, each drop of her tear is a tiny yet sharp needle darting on the bare faces of the ones who dare to make it through the rain.

I love my woman – Huế but now that she’s in sorrow and she drowns me in hers as well. I have felt hopeless and almost breathless until I catch glimpse of a couple embracing each other under a big umbrella in the pouring cold rain one evening. I sense and breathe love again. I start singing in the rain while awaiting the sun.