Another Rice Harvest Season in Huế, Việt Nam

I still love going to the countryside during rice harvest seasons. It’s when the paddy fields are crowded with farmers and their family. Each person takes care of their own job and works in harmony with each other. I’m especially addicted to the fresh fragrance and the vibrant color of the cut rice stalks with their beautiful yellow rice seeds.

A woman shouldering two big newly-cut rice bunches
The farmers working on a threshing machine right on the village road
Transporting the rice by a boat on the canals snaking around the paddy fields
This machine can directly thresh the rice seeds from the rice plants, which saves time for the farmers.
The farmers loading bags of rice to the truck
A truck leaving the paddy fields in sunset
The left-over stalks are burnt to ashes. My guess is they will use the ashes as a fertilizer.
In the meantime, in a canal among the paddy fields, a woman splashing water at her buffaloes
After cooling themselves down in the canal, the buffaloes walking home followed by their owner