A Serene Evening at Lương Quán Village

At the end of Bùi Thị Xuân Street, there is a piece of cropland patched with a few ponds nestled by Hương River. The ponds look like fragments of a broken mirror which are surrounded with bushes and grasses. Heard from a local man that the water in the ponds is from the close-by Hương River. Every year the river is flooded and the overflown water fills these ponds before it rushes toward the city and the sea. When I asked the local man what was this place called, he simply replied “Lương Quán”. Lương Quán  is a village in Thủy Biều District (Huế City) which is famous for “thanh trà” (a special kind of grapefruits with a beautiful flavor). I arrived there when the sun was setting. All of the people I met there were men and they all were fishing and all seemed to stare at me with a big question mark: “What the hell is this girl doing here?!” when they first saw me. But then, we had some small talks and I didn’t feel like a stranger anymore.

The ponds are hemmed by bushes and grasses.
A young man was waiting patiently for the fish.
I didnt see them catching a lot of fish but clouds.
This boy was running from this pond to the others to check the mens catches.
These two men were definitely not leisure fish-catchers but fishermen.
While these young men were looking for fish, the buffalo was just enjoying the cool water.
Just a few walks away from the ponds, a sampan was going down Hương River in the sunset.