• Huế
  • Lăng Cô – A Town of Water

    Lăng Cô is truly a town of water. You can see waters everywhere you go in this small town. Water runs through it; water surrounds it; water reflects it. I was pampering myself in Suối Mơ (Dreaming Spring)’s fresh water in the nearby mountains, wading in the Lập An Lagoon‘s brackish water with the fisherpeople, and swimming and […]

  • Culture
  • Hue: No Market

    I’m sure you notice that Nọ Market has a funny meaning when it is written in English “No Market”. This is a very traditional market with a lot of scenes to see: local people buying, selling, chit-chatting, eating, smoking, fixing clothes and even beautifying themselves in a tiny hair salon. It is located in Phú […]