#ComeWalkWithMe: Bạch Đằng Str., Huế City

Bạch Đằng Street

Bạch Đằng Str. in Huế City runs along the man-made river of Đông Ba and dotted with a dozen of traditional panel houses and old temples on one side and with bodhi trees on the other. There is Diệu Đế Pagoda, built by Emperor Thiệu Trị in 1844, half way along the street. The pagoda sits in a verdant garden, facing the busy road of Huỳnh Thúc Kháng across Đông Ba Canal. Right in front of its gate is an open cement staircase leading down to the canal where the local people still doing their washing. To me, this street is like an invisible doorstep to old days when life is simpler and slower.

Until you could come walk with me in Huế, I leave you with the photos of Bạch Đằng Str. I took on March 5th, 2017.

A vendor walking past a bodhi tree
A mother wiping her child’s running nose while he was having bánh bèo
A woman washing clothes by the canal
A woman collecting the incense sticks before the sunset
A cyclo running slowly past an old two-story panel house
A man bucketing water from the canal to wash his cyclo
Scooter riders on an alley, sandwiched between a mansion and Đông Ba Bridge, leading to Bạch Đằng Street
A craftsman working on a paper boat which is used for local fishermen’s religious rituals
Bạch Đằng Street looked from the courtyard of Diệu Đế Pagoda
A father adjusting his son’s hat before being photographed in front of Diệu Đế Pagoda
A young man praying before releasing the alive fish and frogs to the water
A little girl running past one of the gates to the mansion of Gia Hưng – the 8th prince of Emperor Thiệu Trị and the younger brother of Emperor Tự Đức

Huế, March 2017