#ComeWalkWithMe: Lê Lợi Str., Huế City

I love weekend when I have more time for walking. My companion could be a friend or my camera. I love walking with friends but most of the time I’d prefer to be on my own.

It was a sunny day today so I decided to park my violet scooter at Huế Railway Station and stroll the Lê Lợi Str alone. Although its pavements are wide and shady, I chose to walk through its riverside parks which are a charming and serene connection between Hương River and Lê Lợi Str.

I enjoyed my wander and some of the stops I made along the way this afternoon. These pictures say it all.

I love Lê Lợi Street’s shady pavements.
Huế Railway Station
Other people love La Residence Huế for its design and luxury services, what draws me most to the hotel is the salt water swimming pool in its verdant garden.
Tourists strolling along Hương River
Newly renovated Monument of Death
Quốc Học – my old high school
A woman taking picture of Hai Bà Trưng High School’s anniversary poster
Some quiet moment at the riverside park
A couple boarding the swan boat at sunset
Hương River making a scenic setting for pictures
Coffee and chat by the river
A nice view to sit down for a dinner
A dragon boat waiting to take guests on a sunset cruise on Hương River
Iconic Trường Tiền Bridge
People stopping by to watch a music performance which takes place near Trường Tiền Bridge every Saturday and Sunday
Running into my friend and his son
“Vietnamese Girls” by Norwegian sculptor Oyvin Storbaekken

Huế, March 12, 2017