From Lan and An 2 with Love

lan hue, vong canh hill top, huong river
An 2 and myself (Photo by Phil Mardoc)

My Year of the Pig (2019) started with a lovely surprise which I received with a mixed feeling of joy and confusion. I have never been a mother but I guess the emotion when I held the Pentax K1000 in my hands isn’t much different from the one when a new mother first welcomes a newborn baby to her world. You’re happy to see him but at the same time you feel overwhelmed with so many challenges you expect to wait for you ahead. I remember I looked at the gift, which I called An 2, and said softly to the giver, “It’s so precious!” while the voice inside my head shouted, “What am I going to do with this complicated machine now?!”

Our first month was thrilled and ended with a bit of disappointment when the first two rolls of film came out blank but An 2 and I have been doing better since then. Through some ups and downs, we are now making memories and pictures of Huế together.

The black-and-white and color photo collections below are especially for Andrew (aka ôn An) who considerately brought An 2 to my life.

The Black and White

lan hue, my mother
My mother
lan hue, conical hat, non la
The nón lá (conical hat) seller
lan hue, bao vinh
The elderly woman at Bao Vinh Market
lan hue, bao vinh
The elderly couple in the old town of Bao Vinh
lan hue, thien mu pagoda
Vendors sitting in front of Thiên Mụ Pagoda
lan hue, dong ba market, huong river
Behind Đông Ba Market
lan hue, dragon boat, toa kham boat quay
Dragon boats at Tòa Khâm Boat Quay
lan hue, huong river, bao vinh
Crossing Hương River by boat
lan hue, huong river
The fisher people on Hương River
lan hue, bao vinh
The market-goer
lan hue, bao vinh
In front of Thiên Giang Pagoda
lan hue, huong river, dragon boat
A dragon boat leaving the Thiên Mụ Pagoda

The Colors

lan hue, vong canh hill top, huong river
Classic sunset on Hương River overlooked from Vọng Cảnh Hill Top
lan hue, vong canh hill top
A couple making memories together
lan hue, huong river
An elderly lady haveresting edible fern on Hương Riverbank
lan hue, huong river
A farmer working on Hương Riverbank
lan hue, cau hai lagoon
Cầu Hai Lagoon
lan hue, hue imperial city
A long corridor inside Huế Imperial City
lan hue, hue imperial city
Cung Diên Thọ, the residence of some of the queen mothers of Nguyễn Dynasty inside Huế Imperial City
lan hue, xuong lang, thieu tri
Xương Lăng, the tomb of Emperor Thiệu Trị during the season of lotus and rice
lan hue, xuong tho lang
Xương Thọ Lăng – the tomb of Queen Mother Từ Dụ
lan hue, stone dragons
Stone dragons
lan hue, shopping
My shopping
lan hue, dragon boat rider
The daughter of a dragon boat rider
lan hue, huong river
Summer bliss
lan hue, seller
The soul of traditional market
lan hue, dong ba market
A hot day at Đông Ba Market
Shopping in a rainy day
lan hue, noodle woman
The noodle woman